The Engineering Biology Advisory Committee (EBAC) is composed of industry experts in engineering/synthetic biology and provides a forum for BIA members to discuss and keep abreast of the key issues associated with the rapidly increasing pace with which we can engineer biology.

2018 priorities


  • Bring the UK engineering biology sector together and continue to showcase its strengths, within BIA membership and externally, including through BIA events, EBAC engagement at SynBioBeta, iGEM and other conferences.
  • Attract new committee members by promoting the breadth and relevance of the sector.


  • Input into relevant policy and public affairs activities via the BIA, including engagement on the implementation of the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy, other relevant Industrial Strategies, the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, and BIA Nagoya Cross-Committee Working Group.

Expert advice:

  • Increase investor awareness of and engagement with UK engineering biology, e.g. at meetings around BIA’s CEO and Investor Forum, conferences about the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and similar events.

Committee Chair: Tim Fell, CEO, Synthace

For more information please contact Eric Johnsson, Policy and Public Affairs Executive

Member list


Algenuity is a UK algal biotech company that builds foundational and enabling technologies to support the emerging algal biotechnology industry.

Centre for Process Innovation

The Centre for Process Innovation is a UK-based technology innovation centre and part of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult.

Chain Biotechnology Ltd

Chain Biotech is a UK start-up company providing synthetic biology tools and underpinning services for the bioscience community.


GSK is a global pharmaceutical company dedicated to helping people feel better, do more and live longer.


Evonetix is developing a novel, highly disruptive approach to gene synthesis, the technology which underpins the rapidly growing field of synthetic biology.


Field Fisher Waterhouse is a European law firm providing commercial solutions across a range of industry sectors. We have a particular focus on companies that are highly regulated and those with intellectual property and technology driven business models.

Green Biologics Ltd

A leading industrial biotechnology company focused on the production of biobutanol and other C4 chemicals from a range of sustainable and renewable feedstocks.

Ingenza Ltd

Ingenza Ltd. is an industrial biotechnology company based in Roslin, Edinburgh, UK. The company has a broad customer base within the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, feed and fuel industries where it applies its proprietary synthetic biology to manufacture industrial products.


LGC is an international science-based company and market leader in analytical, forensic, biotechnology, diagnostic and product services and reference standards.

Oxitec Limited

Oxitec is a pioneer in controlling insects that spread disease and damage crops. Its products build upon the use of the Sterile Insect Technique (SIT), a highly effective, species-specific and environmentally friendly method of controlling harmful and damaging insects.

Prokarium Ltd

Prokarium’s Vaxonella platform enables almost any protein vaccine to be delivered to and produced from within the body’s own immune cells.


SynbiCITE is a pioneering Innovation and Knowledge Centre (IKC) dedicated to promoting the adoption and use of synthetic biology by industry.


Global leaders in synthetic promoter construction for customised gene regulation and protein expression in all biotechnology applications.


Synthace is an applied synthetic biology company which bioengineers micro-organisms for the production of high value chemical products.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Touchlight Genetics Ltd

Touchlight Genetics is a UK based DNA technology company. We collaborate with leading research institutes to create new DNA therapeutics.