This page brings together information to help our members develop themselves and their staff: the people at the heart of our organisations.

We are pleased to announce a new project run by FTI Consulting, and supported by BIA and MedCity, to develop an online Life Science expert knowledge portal: N-Site.

The site works towards creating a single repository of expert guidance for companies and individuals working in Life Sciences.  It already includes legal and tax guidance written by specialist life science professionals from Taylor Wessing and FTI Consulting. In time it will also expand to cover patent filing and human resources. 

 N-Site is a primary source of critical legal and tax advice for UK-based Life Science companies, from embryonic start-ups to established multinationals. In particular, N-Site will help you to:

  • stay in top of new legal matters relating to issues including licensing, market authorisations and patent infringement
  • understand the practical impact of principal UK and international tax measures, such as R&D tax incentives, investor incentives and the Patent Box
  • understand the essentials for start-ups and new investment
  • significantly reduce the cost of professional advice
  • learn from the insights and experiences of others in the sector.

The N-Ste is a free BIA membership benefit for our emerging companies. Other members receive special rates. 

N-Site partners


This publication aims to support these BIA members and the wider sector to grow the next generation of management talent by showcasing the range of training and mentoring opportunities that are already working to upskill the biotech leaders of the future. The schemes have been put forward by BIA members as they have helped them and their teams to increase their management capabilities. The opportunities in the directory are aimed at all levels of experience. From getting your first


BactiVac is a global bacterial vaccinology network bringing together members based in academic, industry and policy sectors to accelerate the development of vaccines against bacterial infections relevant to low and middle-income countries (LMICs). The BactiVac Network will deliver this through catalyst project and training awards to encourage cross-collaboration between academic and industrial partners in developed and developing nations.

The vision of BactiVac is to save lives through accelerating the development and use of vaccines against bacterial infections relevant to low-middle income countries (LMICs). 

  • Infections cause >20% of all deaths worldwide, and kill disproportionately in low-middle income countries 
  • Bacterial infections kill approx. five million people annually, with the antimicrobial resistance (AMR) crisis limiting further our options for controlling infections
  • Vaccines save millions of lives yearly and are a cost-effective approach to prevent infectious disease and their devastating sequelae
  • Vaccines work silently in the background, promoting the body’s ability to kill the pathogen before an infection is established
  • Studying vaccines also allows us to study immune function in health and disease

There are many bacterial infections against which we lack any licensed vaccine and there is no network with a focus on bacterial vaccines. To help address this, the MRC funded our network, BactiVac, through the GCRF Networks in Vaccines Research and Development initiative. BactiVac is one of five vaccinology networks funded to support discrete areas of vaccine research.

All researchers can become members

Apply for free membership here