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Scientist.com is the world’s largest and most established marketplace for outsourced research services. The marketplace enables scientists to quickly source research services, increasing the efficiency of corporations and businesses from both budgetary and time management perspectives. We provide value by reshaping the way that research organizations approach sourcing. By reducing the amount of time it takes to find the right suppliers and increasing average savings per project, we drastically simplify R&D. Best of all, it’s all done through one secure marketplace.

Scientist.com Offer

  • Reduce timelines through simplified sourcing
  • Receive competitive bids for every request
  • Access to easy and reliable compliance tools
  • Receive expert assistance from our Research ConciergeTM team
  • Dramatically reduce outsourcing costs
  • Access the latest in scientific technology through our Innovation HubTM
  • Gain market intelligence with ratings, badges and reporting
  • Manage all service providers from one online portal

BIA Member Benefit

  • Easy access through the BIA Marketplace
  • Dedicated Marketplace Support
  • Special BIA promotional rebates on your platform spend
  • Global Operations
  • 4,000+ Service Areas
  • Access 2,600 suppliers instantly