BIA workshop on SME funding options for the Early Access to Medicines Scheme

This workshop will give SMEs with previous experience of or an interest in the Early Access to Medicines Scheme (EAMS) a chance to share their views on how funding, announced by the Government in July, should be used to encourage greater SME participation in the EAMS process.

At the BIA and MHRA conference in July, the Government announced an £86 million package of support for innovation in medicine and technology. Of this funding, £6 million has been set aside for the next three years to support SMEs to gather evidence about how their products perform in the real world, thereby reducing their barriers to market entry.  The funds will form part of an overall support package that helps SMEs to generate the evidence NICE and the NHS need for robust assessment of a product’s benefit and value for money.  In line with the recommendations of the Accelerated Access Review, it is proposed that for medicines the support would be available to SMEs with products participating in the existing EAMS process allowing patients and the healthcare system to benefit from earlier access to evaluated innovative products. 

The Office for Life Sciences (OLS) is currently working with stakeholders to develop the scheme and would like to speak with SMEs interested in the EAMS process and the potential opportunities for data collection within EAMS, to better understand the practicalities and costs of participation and data collection in EAMS for an SME.

The BIA are holding a workshop to give our SME members the chance to share their views and experiences of EAMS with OLS colleagues.  

Enquire today to register your interest in attending.