BIA webinar - Joined up thinking for data-driven diagnostics

Showcasing Northern initiatives for streamlining access

In partnership with HIRANI, NHSA and Bionow, we’ll be showcasing organisations and initiatives that are working to streamline systems, allowing easy access to the data that diagnostics innovators need.

There is an increasing understanding of the value of diagnostic data to innovative life sciences, but this data is often siloed and difficult to access. The UK has a unique opportunity to strengthen the existing diagnostics industry by making effective use of new data technologies and combining the efforts of existing players in the space. In this event, we will be looking at organisations and initiatives around the UK who are working to bring together all these disparate datasets from laboratories, NHS trusts and other generating organisations into a joined-up system allowing easy and streamlined access to the diagnostics data innovators need.

We hope to hear from the following organisations:

  • Diaceutics (supported by HIRANI): their DXRX platform allows drawing on diagnostic data from pipelines all around the globe
  • NHSA has recently published a report on the challenges and opportunities for the UK diagnostics industry
  • North East Local Enterprise Partnership is working on the Early Diagnostics Institute – a brand new initiative to industrialise the discovery and delivery of new blood tests using the expertise across the North East of England.

This will be a virtual event in order to allow participation from across the UK, and will consist of a short presentation from each organisation, followed by bringing all speakers together for a panel discussion to build on what is said and consider what can be done in future to capitalise on the opportunities presented.

Thank you to our event partners: