NC3Rs/MRC joint webinar: using both sexes in animal experiments

  • 10:00, 21 Jul 22 - 11:00, 21 Jul 22
  • Virtual, Virtual
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Including both sexes in your experiments is increasingly being expected by regulators, funders and publishers. The MRC has recently introduced the requirement to include both sexes in experimental design and analysis plans for future funding rounds. This joint webinar from the NC3Rs and the MRC will explore how to address common challenges when planning, conducting and analysing animal experiments involving both sexes. The webinar will give practical advice for including both sexes in experimental design and analysis. It will also cover husbandry and other considerations when working with animals of both sexes, and give practical tips to manage any issues.  

There will be an opportunity to ask questions after the webinar presentation. The webinar is free to attend.

Researchers and animal care staff are encouraged to attend and the webinar will be of particular interest to anyone that would like to start including both sexes in their experiments.   

 Other resources that can help when including both sexes are: