ADC One-stop Solution: Discovery, Development and Manufacturing

  • 07:00, 21 Sep 23 - 09:30, 21 Sep 23
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Antibody-drug conjugates, also known as ADC, is a combination of traditional chemotherapy
and targeted biological molecule. Recent clinical development brings lots of attention to this
particular therapy in oncology filed. GenScript ProBio is glad to offer you our ADC one-stop
solution, with experiences of 9 months from DNA to Tox batch.

Topic 1:
Accelerated ADC Development via Integrated Antibody Discovery Platform
Dr. Li Chen, Director of Biologics Discovery Dept.

1. Brief overview of history and current trending of antibody-drug conjugates
2. Tools and strategies for naked antibody discovery for ADCs
3. Early-stage pharmacology evaluation of naked antibody for ADC application
4. Pharmacology assessment of ADC candidates

Topic 2:
Development and Manufacturing Strategies for Antibody-drug Conjugates
Dr. Ying Li, Director of Downstream Process Development

1. Challenges in the development and manufacturing of ADC
2. Optimisation of ADC conjugation process using DOE approach
3. Optimisation of ADC analytical methods
4. Considerations for ADC process scale-up