Analysis for Innovators (A4I)

  • 11:00, 31 Aug 22 - 11:00, 31 Aug 22
  • Virtual, Online
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Analysis for Innovators (A4I) is a very different type of programme from Innovate UK’s usual grant funding competitions. It is focused on helping individual companies solve tricky and long-running technical problems affecting existing processes, products or services.

The A4I Competition has been running since 2016. Round 8 is now open and closes at 11 am on 31st August.

The programme’s aim is to help boost a company’s productivity or competitiveness by enabling the UK’s top scientists, using their other world-class facilities, to work with companies to address problems in innovative ways.

Round 8 of the A4I competition builds upon the experiences of the previous 7 Rounds. It continues to focus on brokering successful relationships between UK companies and the measurement partners and then grant-funding follow-on projects to address the company’s problem.

Key to the success of A4I are the Brokerage Meetings that are arranged between the companies and experts from the A4I partners. These meetings allow the company to discuss their problem with experts who want to work with the company to address the problem.

Each Competition is divided into three distinct parts:

  • Stage 1 – Expression of Interest
  • The Brokerage Meetings
  • Stage 2 – Application for a funded project

For further advice or support, please contact Innovate UK KTN: email [email protected]