ARIA: Roundtable with CEO, Ilan Gur

Scientists/technologists/researchers: Where and how can Advanced Research + Invention Agency (ARIA) have the biggest impact?

Tell us and help shape our vision by signing up at ARIA to host a roundtable attended by our CEO Ilan Gur.

Once you've signed up, we will ask you to describe your topic in <300 words. You will suggest a cast list of 5-7 attendees – preferably from different institutions.

Example structure:  

  • Transformational change is possible in field X because of Y  
  • The UK has a unique strength in X that could deliver enormous impact if only supported in novel way Y  
  • The intersection of field X and field Y holds tremendous promise, but is underfunded.

Our selection criteria:  

  • Consider this a brainstorming session: we’re not looking for polished programme proposals  
  • We want to hear diverse perspectives (institutions, backgrounds & geographies)  
  • We want an open and honest exchange of ideas - Chatham House rules apply.

Please share with and encourage extraordinary individuals who may not see themselves as the target for this to sign up. Seniority does not matter.

Free to attend