At the cutting edge of biotechnology for cardiovascular diseases: A World Heart Day special edition webinar

  • 13:00, 29 Sep 22 - 14:00, 29 Sep 22
  • Virtual, Virtual
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Healthcare Biotechnology has the potential to transform how healthcare is delivered to patients, both in terms of innovative treatments, but also via use of innovative prevention, screening, and testing measures.

During this webinar, which marks World Heart Day, speakers will discuss how biomarker testing for genetically inherited risk factors for cardiovascular diseases is opening up new frontiers in healthcare, and saving lives across the world.

Featuring speakers from the patient community, research and academia, and industry, the conversation will also address the need to translate guidelines into practice, and will end with an interactive Q&A.


  • Marius Geanta, Trustee and the Chair of the Policy Advisory Committee, FH Europe
  • Panagiota ‘Penny’ Papaioannou, Global Policy Associate Director Cardiorenal Metabolic (CRM), Novartis
  • Jamie Wilkinson, Healthcare Biotechnology Director, EuropaBio