Bayer’s Expert Mondays - Elevate your healthcare innovation to the next level

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Are you a pre-seed or seed Biotech, Start-up, Researcher, Innovator in Oncology, Cell & Gene Therapy, Cardiovascular, Immunology, Radiology, or Digital Health in region EMEA? Do you have that disruptive breakthrough innovation but bringing great science to life and navigating in entrepreneurial waters is challenging? 

At Bayer, we’re passionate about enabling and supporting great ideas in healthcare! Take your science to new heights and discover the power of our entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

Join Bayer's cost-free knowledge exchange sessions to supercharge your start-up’s growth and ensure its success:

Each Bayer Expert Monday is dedicated to a specific topic designed to empower you and your teams. From business cases or alternative financing to gating decisions and early market access planning, we’ve got you covered. Gain valuable insights on how to navigate the EU regulatory framework and master the art of pitching to big pharma. Connect with other founders and tap into the expertise of the global Bayer Pharma team. Together, we can collaborate to cure and transform healthcare!

Be a part of a thriving community focused on driving innovation to improve the lives of those in need – featured by Bayer's Collaborate to Cure Hub EMEA!

Please note: These sessions are not intended for service providers, consultants, IT providers, etc., but are limited to developers of therapeutic solutions and researchers in the indicated therapeutic areas who might seek collaboration with big pharma later in their journey.

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