Biomanufacturing Platform – Policy Summit 2023

  • 12:00, 15 Mar 23 - 17:00, 15 Mar 23
  • Virtual, Virtual
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EuropaBio’s first Biomanufacturing Policy Summit will set the vision for Europe’s global innovation, competitiveness and sustainability through the lens of biomanufacturing and set a baseline for its understanding and recognition within policy.

The half-day meeting will bring together Members and invited stakeholders from across the policy, finance, trade, skills and regulatory spectrum surrounding biomanufacturing.

Discussion will address what biomanufacturing looks like across sectors and the roles played by SMEs, large companies and expert services. The economic and skills footprint will be reviewed, plus how it sits within Europe’s twin pillars of green and digital transition within the industrial strategy. Finally, it can start to address how policy shapes and facilitates biomanufacture and Europe’s global position for such a transformative technology in action.

From the first Summit, a roadmap for biomanufacture can be developed for Europe and creation of a long term discussion platform for stakeholders through the Platform.


About the EuropaBio Biomanufacturing Platform

The Platform has the mission to represent biomanufacturing at the highest policy levels in Europe, to ensure that it is visible and recognised within the industrial strategy and Europe’s green and digital transitions.

EuropaBio’s Biomanufacturing Platform will address the policy and wider frameworks through which biomanufacturing is delivered.  Together with members and stakeholders, it will address how  economic growth, employment and resilience are achieved through policy, legal frameworks and regulation at EU and national levels.


The Summit will be open to EuropaBio Members and invited stakeholders. Please contact [email protected] for further information.