Healthcare 2.0

  • 18:00, 27 Sep 23 - 22:00, 27 Sep 23
  • City & Guilds Building, Imperial College, London
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Discover the future of healthcare by joining us at Healthcare 2.0 - the premier healthcare conference for industry leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

There is no doubt that change is in the air, everywhere you look an AI-driven company is setting out to disrupt drug discovery, diagnostics, digital health…the list goes on.

The possibilities seem endless and the vision of a streamlined, effective and intelligent healthcare industry seems to be within reach. What will this step change in the industry truly look like? What are the most pertinent challenges yet to be tackled before we can get there and how do we solve them? How will we integrate and implement all of these innovative solutions to realise this healthcare revolution?

Join us at Healthcare 2.0 to hear from entrepreneurs, policymakers and subject experts addressing all of these issues and engaging with each other to spark new ideas, connections and opportunities to transform the healthcare industry.  Corporate - £50.00

Start-up early bird rate - £30.00
Ends 30 Jun 2023

Academic Researcher early bird rate - £20.00
Ends 30 Jun 2023