Healthspan vs. lifespan: new medicines to close the gap

  • 11:00, 27 Jun 22 - 13:00, 28 Jun 22
  • Alderley Park, Macclesfield
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UK SPINE, the UK’s first drug discovery network focussed on geroscience, is holding a 2 day conference, on 27th and 28th June 2022, held at Alderley Park. The aim is to bring together a broad range of different stakeholders to discuss challenges and opportunities of developing therapeutics aimed at the biological pathways of ageing, which may be used to intervene in the onset and prevention of multiple long term, age-related conditions.

The event will include keynotes from Jesus Gil – presenting his research on cell senescence, and Tina Woods – social entrepreneur and Founder and CEO of Collider Health. We will also be showcasing some of the ground breaking research UK SPINE has supported through our Proof of Concept Translational awards. Janet Lord will be chairing a panel with patient organisations, which will begin with short videos from patients to contribute their perspectives. Nicola Heron (Chief Business Officer, Medicines Discovery Catapult), is chairing the industry panel, with representatives from a mixture of big pharma, biotech and start-ups, and will be considering future opportunities in the ageing landscape. We also running a series of breakout sessions covering topics from regulation and clinical trial design for multiple long term conditions to knowledge exchange and its role in scientific research, entrepreneurship and PPI. We will also be welcoming Andrew Steele, scientist, presented and author of Ageless – the new science of getting older without getting old, for the after dinner speech.