MDC Connects - Complex Medicines: Understanding Safety & Efficacy

  • 14:00, 15 Jun 21 - 15:00, 15 Jun 21
  • Medicines Discovery Catapult, Macclesfield
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The medicines industry is in a period of change. While small molecule therapeutics still make up 90% of approved medicines, patient expectations are driving the industry towards targeted, precision treatments, which require a shift towards stratified, complex medicines with more challenging discovery and development needs.

Here experts describe how to establish preclinical safety and efficacy data for complex medicines and how this compares with conventional drug discovery.

- Physicochemical characterisation: new and novel approaches to understand the pharmacokinetics of complex drugs - Juliana Maynard, Lead Scientist (MDC)
- Determining efficacy in vivo - Jenny Worthington, Co-Founder and Director of Science (Axis Bio)
- Do complex medicines raise different challenges from a safety perspective? - Richard Knight, Director and Co-Founder (ApconiX)