Next steps for genomic medicine in the NHS - regulation, challenges for adoption and priorities for research

  • 09:00, 20 Nov 18 - 13:00, 20 Nov 18
  • TBC, London
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This seminar will bring together key stakeholders to discuss the next steps for personalised medicine and genomics.

Delegates will consider the main issues for the new NHS Genomic Medicine Service as it becomes fully operational in October - as well as the results of the 100,000 Genomes Project, with the Project aiming to have completed sequencing by the end of the year.

Planned sessions will look at the work of the NHS Genomic Medicine Centres as they aim to deliver the pledge of 90,000 samples of DNA from patients and family members with rare disease and cancer by September 2018 - as well as the findings from the Common’s Science and Technology Committee report Genomics and genome editing in the NHS.

Further sessions focus on next steps for education and training, following the continuation of the Genomics Education Programme and priorities for patients - looking at key issues for patient’s data and ensuring public trust.