Scaling AI Through Your Organisation

  • 10:00, 2 Sep 21 - 12:00, 2 Sep 21
  • ., Online event
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Pinsent Masons is collaborating with the Digital Leadership Forum to develop and provide an online AI Healthcare Leadership Academy.

The purpose of this session is to learn the exact practical steps that can be taken to embed ethical and business growth-inducing AI practices in organisations. Central to this is first identifying what AI means to each specific organisation and the varying value it can bring. A clear step-by-step decision-making process must be laid out, with strong sets of goals of the right degree of ambition, clear accountability and leadership buy-in.

Effective interaction between leadership teams and data scientists, and managing this relationship, is vital to success. Decisions must also be made on installing the appropriate infrastructure and understanding potential logistical challenges. A strong legal basis must be applied throughout to ensure the integrity of the project and avoid common potential pitfalls.