Streamlining Cell Line Development | Strategies for Emerging Biotech Start-Ups

  • 16:30, 26 May 22 - 20:00, 26 May 22
  • Babraham Research Campus, Cambridge
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Sartorius is excited to host an in-person event on Thursday, May 26, in Cambridge, UK. Designed for biotech start-ups developing biologics, the event will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of various approaches of cell line development (CLD) and the impact early decision-making can have at later stages of biologics development. Industry leaders from Abzena, AstraZeneca, GSK will share their experiences and best practices in developing robust, stable, high-yielding cell lines.

Join us for an evening of networking and to gain insights on:

  • Modern cell line development workflows and their critical steps.
  • Various approaches to CLD and their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Key points to consider when evaluating external providers of CLD products and services.