Understanding the business requirements of the NHS Research SDE Network

Discover-NOW London SDE, in partnership with Carnall Farrar (CF), is representing the NHS Research SDE Network to understand the business requirements of SDEs from health data users. We are specifically interested in how access to a longitudinal patient-level dataset that captures the entire patient journey could help support you in your goals. 

The Data for R&D Programme has established an interoperable NHS Research Secure Data Environment Network, which includes the NHS England Secure Data Environment and Sub National Secure Data Environments that collectively cover all of England. These bring together multimodal data including primary and secondary care and make it securely available for research purposes in a way the public can feel confident in. Secure Data Environments are data storage and access platforms, which uphold the highest standards of privacy and security of NHS health and social care data when used for research and analysis. They allow approved users to access and analyse data without the data leaving the environment. We believe SDEs can offer a unique opportunity not available anywhere else in the world to access longitudinal data that links together primary care, secondary care, social and community care, demographics, imaging, digital pathology and genomics data.


This survey has been designed to understand the opportunities that the NHS Research Secure Data Environment Network creates for industry, academia, and medical research charities.