Viral Vectors for Vaccines and Gene Delivery

  • 09:30, 9 Sep 19 - 16:30, 9 Sep 19
  • Universities UK, London
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Viral vectors for vaccine, and cell and gene therapy products have shown unprecedented clinical promise; however the manufacturing platforms for their commercial production are in their infancy when compared to therapeutic proteins. When analysing current process performance, major challenges emerge in both upstream and downstream operations: in USP the low titre and presence of large proportions of product-related impurities, in DSP low yields / loss of infectivity and the separation of product-related impurities. Furthermore, there is a need for advances in analytical capabilities in order to better understand viral vector products and critical quality attributes and to enable a Quality by Design philosophy.

This symposium will look at USP and DSP and the common analytical challenges across the major viral vector products. We will also seek to learn from other virus manufacturing processes e.g. those for flu vaccine.

This one-day meeting is open to all and offers a programme of invited talks, a poster session and an interactive