Cell Therapy Limited (CTL) is a Cardiff-based pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of regenerative medicines in areas of high unmet patient need. CTL was founded in 2009 by Nobel prize winner Professor Sir Martin Evans and Ajan Reginald, former Global Head of Emerging Technologies at Roche, and includes world-class scientists and clinicians led by experienced management, an active Board and a scientific advisory committee of world experts.

CTL has developed a novel and proprietary platform, based on the stem cell discoveries of Sir Martin Evans, which can isolate tissue-specific stem cells from donor blood, and is developing a range of allogeneic therapies for different indications. Its lead product, Heartcel™, has demonstrated unprecedented survival rates in patients with advanced heart failure in a Phase II clinical trial. Cell Therapy’s heart failure product franchise also includes Myocardion™, and targets the 20 million patient heart failure market. Cell Therapy is also developing Tendoncel™, a topical regenerative medicine for tendon repair, and Skincel™, a regenerative dermatology therapy.