Established 20 years ago ChilliPharm with its in depth experience of video capture and data management provides technology and services enabling the filming, review, storage and PII de-identification of filmed clinical assessments carried out during Phase I-IV clinical trials.

Their first trial sponsor (a gene therapy study for DMD) onboarded in 2012 and the company’s reputation as expert video partners grew as more studies and sites benefitted from their expertise, intuitive technology and user friendly approach.

In 2016 the ChilliPharm clinical trial specific platform was launched enabling even more studies to harness the power of video evidence to upload, review and store filmed clinical outcome assessments. Specialist ChilliPharm-enabled filming kits ensure consistency of filming quality across multi-site trials, both in clinic and at home.

Video de-identification services enable filmed clinical outcome assessments to be reviewed compliantly and prepared ready for regulatory submission.

Disease areas currently using ChilliPharm services include rare neuro-muscular such as DMD, SMA, Pompe, Lafora as well as Ophthalmology, Cardio-oncology, Audiology and Dermatology.

With over 100 studies and in excess of 1,000 specialist filming kits in use globally ChilliPharm is proving that the use of video in clinical trials to provide meaningful endpoints increases regulatory submission success.