FourPlus is a Virtual Reality software company dedicated to delivering solutions for life science educators and the medicines manufacturing sector. Uniting expertise in life sciences and immersive technology, FourPlus software products include skills & process training, facility mapping, equipment visualisation and recruitment/outreach tools.

As the demand for advanced therapies grows, the life sciences industry faces a skills crisis. VR can address this challenge through hands-on, cost-effective training, recruitment and marketing solutions that reduce waste and avoid disruption to production activities. Whether it’s for teaching basic lab skills or complex bioprocessing protocols, their high-fidelity immersive software brings facilities, equipment and processes to life at the touch of a button. Students and trainees can experience industry-standard production rooms and follow SOPs without risks to safety. Potential clients can examine your equipment in various configurations anywhere in the world. FourPlus software is compatible with popular all-in-one VR headsets, making it easy to transport and use with minimal equipment. FourPlus approach aims to bring about a step change in education, workforce growth and, ultimately, the production of modern medicines.