Genomics PLC

Genomics plc is a pioneering healthcare company that aims to transform health through the power of genomics. The company was formed in 2014 by four world-leading statistical and human geneticists at the University of Oxford, including Professor Sir Peter Donnelly and Professor Gil McVean. Genomics plc uses large-scale genetic information to realise preventative medicine and improve drug discovery.

They are a world-leader in genomic prevention: a paradigm-changing approach to sustainable healthcare which for the first time allows reliable, personalized estimates of risk for all the common diseases and cancers, well ahead of disease manifestation, allowing accurate and early interventions and tailored screening.

Their proprietary algorithms and databases offer something no competitor can: the ability to accurately link minute variation across the entire genome to changes in thousands of biological measurements and disease outcomes, to generate population-level insights for healthcare systems, individual-level insights for clinicians about the risk of common diseases, and new understanding of disease processes.

In August 2018, Genomics plc announced a multi-year collaboration with Vertex to use human genetics and data science to advance discovery of precision medicines. They also have several pilot programmes in development within UK and US healthcare systems.

Their team is a multi-disciplinary group focused on finding powerful and creative solutions for bringing subject-leading science to as wide an audience as possible, and, in doing so, offer the chance of transforming lives around the world. The workforce is highly qualified and consists of over 90 people, including genomic scientists, computational biologists, statisticians, software engineers, product developers, data scientists and commercial strategists. Genomics plc is headquartered in Oxford, with offices in Cambridge (UK) and Boston (US).