Imanova Ltd

Imanova Limited - a centre of excellence in imaging sciences
Imanova is an innovative alliance between the UK's Medical Research Council and three world-class London Universities: Imperial College, Kings College and University College.

Established in April 2011 as an independent company, Imanova and its partners bring together a breadth and depth of knowledge and expertise that will drive research and innovation in imaging sciences. Imanova will have a real impact on human health and the understanding of disease.
With its pharmaceutical company pedigree, the Clinical Imaging Centre is recognised worldwide as a leading centre for imaging sciences and their application to drug and diagnostic development.

Working in collaboration with academic, research and commercial organisations Imanova aims to:
¬ Maintain the CIC legacy as a leading research centre for PET and MR methodology and translational applications of imaging sciences.
¬ Be a leading centre for scientists and physicians for training in imaging methodology and its applications
¬ Be the international 'partner of choice' for pharmaceutical and biotech companies seeking to implement PET and MRI imaging within their drug and diagnostic development programmes
¬ Operate to the highest standards of quality and compliance, as defined by the leading external regulatory bodies