Imperial College Health Partners

Imperial College Health Partners delivers evidence-based complex change in the health and care system through partnerships with industry, NHS organisations, globally recognised academic, technology, research and charitable organisations, to support creating healthier populations.

Through our hosting of the Discover Now Hub, a gateway to a deidentified data set of >2.5million north west Londoners, we help our clients to test and implement new technology, innovative ways of working, to improve access, quality and outcomes for patients, the NHS workforce and associated industries.

As part of the NHS family, whilst also connected to industry and innovators, we are able to bridge the gap and make cross-sector connections that deliver real improvements to the health of our local populations, as well as those nationally and internationally.

Our approach to innovation allows us to find new ways to solve problems, while our smart use of data allows us to creating actionable insights to underpin effective change. We believe in solving real world problems by using real world evidence to deliver real world change.