Karus Therapeutics Ltd

<p>Karus is an emerging pharmaceutical company whose R&D activities are focused on the design and development of innovative, molecular-targeted, small molecule drugs to treat immune/inflammatory disorders and cancer.</p>

<p>In immune/inflammation, Karus's focus is centred on the design and development of a first generation of orally-active drugs that regulate Th17 cell function through the selective inhibition of PI3K-p110 delta and HDAC6. These programmes bring the promise of innovative treatments for a broad spectrum of immune/inflammatory diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, airway inflammation and organ transplant rejection.</p>

<p>In cancer, Karus's research and development activities are focused on the development of selective inhibitors of PI3K-p110 delta and p110 beta, and of key members of the zinc-dependent HDAC superfamily. Karus's cancer programmes promise innovative treatments for a broad range of haematological cancers and major solid tumours.</p>

<p>Karus is built on the scientific and commercial expertise of the company's executive management and board, who have established track-records of success in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.</p>