PharmEnable Ltd

PharmEnable is a Cambridge (UK) based AI-enabled drug discovery company mapping unexplored chemical space to develop innovative medicines. Its interdisciplinary approach integrates advanced medicinal chemistry expertise and cutting-edge AI/computational methods to deliver novel therapeutics.

PharmEnable’s proprietary drug discovery platform provides a powerful engine for generating novel chemical entities against challenging biological targets. PharmEnable models targets to identify their key molecular interactions and use AI to identify and expand the most relevant parts of chemical space for drugging that specific target. Advanced medicinal chemistry expertise guides the development of synthesizable, complex and 3-dimensional small molecules, increasing specificity and reducing off-target effects. Its vision is to reproduce the specificity of biologics in the powerful and scalable form of a small molecule.

PharmEnable’s mission is to deliver life-changing medicines. Its world-class team works across a range of disease areas where drug specificity is a significant challenge, such as cancer and neurological disease.