PrecisionLife Ltd

PrecisionLife is a precision medicine company founded in 2015, built on a shared vision to bring a new level of analytical capability to computational biology, genomic medicine and healthcare.

They focus on finding better treatment options for individuals/people with unmet medical needs through the high-resolution stratification of patient population data. The PrecisionLife platform is hypothesis free and able to identify novel disease signatures in multi-omic patient population data. These disease signatures explain the differences in disease risk, experience and response to therapy and have applications in drug discovery, clinical trial design and real-world evidence studies.

They’ve built a massively scalable analytical platform that transforms multi-omic patient population datasets (genomic, phenotypic and clinical) into disease maps. Each disease map reveals a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of complex diseases than traditional GWAS or AI/ML methods and puts high-resolution patient stratification at the heart of treatment and new medicines discovery and development.

Disease maps can power applications across the healthcare value chain and they plan use multi-omic patient data to prioritise neuropsychiatric, cardiometabolic and respiratory diseases over the next 24 months, driving our commercial partnering discussions with biopharma and CROs.