Touchlight Genetics Ltd

Founded in 2007 on the conviction that DNA would be a material of the future, Touchlight has established itself as the world’s leading synthetic DNA manufacturer. Touchlight has developed a novel DNA vector known as doggybone DNA (dbDNA™), produced using a revolutionary enzymatic process. Touchlight’s minimal, closed-linear dbDNA™ is the optimal vector for DNA vaccine and non-viral gene therapy applications, and provides a rapid and scalable solution as a critical starting material for advanced therapy (viral vectors, mRNA). Touchlight’s enzymatic amplification is high-yielding, high-fidelity, eliminates antibiotic resistance and is capable of multi-gram-scale amplification using a benchtop process lasting 5 days.

Touchlight is enabling the genetic medicine revolution, providing GMP dbDNA production services to manufacturers of viral vectors, mRNA and DNA-based therapies. Touchlight also collaborates with world-leading research institutes to validate novel applications of the dbDNA technology. In Q1 2021, the company raised ~$100m to further drive the utilisation of dbDNA across the genetic medicines market.

Employing the finest talent with great passion and curiosity for the science of DNA has allowed Touchlight to rapidly advance its technology into high-value fields of next-generation therapeutics, advanced materials and beyond. Touchlight is situated in Hampton, in London’s South West, in a converted Victorian water pumping station on the River Thames.