The Engineering Biology Advisory Committee (EBAC) is composed of industry experts in engineering/synthetic biology and provides a forum for BIA members to discuss and keep abreast of the key issues associated with the rapidly increasing pace with which we can engineer biology.

EBAC Priorities

1. Connect
  • Represent the UK engineering biology sector at both the UK and international conferences, including organising a session at the Bioscience Forum
  • Coordinate activities with stakeholders across the sector, including the Engineering Biology Leadership Council (EBLC), the Industrial Biotechnology Leadership Forum (IBLF), and the Royal Academy of Engineering.
  • Connect with companies working in agricultural and industrial biotech to expand EBAC’s remit.
2. Inform/Support
  • Continue to work with funders and civil servants as the UKRI National Engineering Biology Programme is developed further.
  • Support BIA lobbying activities through its activities at Parliament Day, the representation of member views concerning UK R&D funding, and new government proposals to modify the regulatory framework for GM activities.
  • Continue to inform BIA members on the National Security and Investment Bill and monitor the new regime’s implications on UK engineering biology.
  • Inform the BIA’s skills work to ensure the interests and needs of engineering biology companies are represented.
  • Help promote engineering biology’s capabilities towards supporting NetZero.
3. Expert Advice
  • Support the BIA’s efforts to stop the inclusion of digital sequence information into the Nagoya Protocol, together with IPAC’s Nagoya subcommittee.
  • Support the growth and development of SMEs in engineering biology, including facilitating engagement with investors and funders, connecting SMEs with biomanufacturers, and keeping SMEs updated on the regulatory environment.


EBAC Members