The Engineering Biology Advisory Committee (EBAC) is the voice for companies practicing engineering biology in the UK across many sectors and industries, comprising a body of experts to support commercialisation, and inform UK policy and regulation. The committee provides expert advice to Government and the BIA, working in close collaboration with other stakeholders.

The aim is to use engineering biology to make a significant contribution towards sustainable growth in the bioeconomy.

EBAC Priorities

1. Connect
  • Connect the wider engineering biology community across the UK to support companies in their key challenges, and connect to the IBLF, IBioIC & Microbiome KTN, engineering biology CDTs and UKRI mission hubs.
  • Grow the engineering biology membership within the BIA (incl. BIA Deep Biotech group).
  • Connect and showcase UK companies internationally at conferences and events.
2. Inform/Support
  • Increase BIA’s engineering biology networking and events activity, including a platform to connect & share news.
  • Leverage the wider support and resources available within the BIA to create a supportive ecosystem for translation.
  • Promote and campaign for engineering biology members’ technologies through case studies and via social media, on a regular basis.
3. Expert Advice
  • As a body of experts, provide advice to policymakers and government consultations on relevant areas.
  • Engage key government bodies and regulators through the Engineering Biology Regulators Network (EBRN), the Engineering Biology Steering Group, and the Biosecurity Leadership Council (BLC).


EBAC Members