ACROBiosystems Launches a new Logistics Center in Switzerland

ACROBiosystems has announced the launch of its first European logistics center and warehouse this month in Basel, Switzerland.

Located at the crossroad between France, Germany, and Switzerland, Basel is an ideal location for convenient shipping and transportation throughout Europe. According to ACROBiosystems’ supply chain department, they are continuously working to increase the facility’s capacity and aim to provide logistical services for all European customers. Tens of thousands of products are now capable of being stored at -20℃, -4℃, and room temperature within the warehouse.

Along with the launch of the warehouse, customers can now receive their ACROBiosystems’ products within one to three days, with local Swiss customers receiving overnight delivery service. Orders from local customers will also no longer require customs clearance and have a lower freight cost. Most importantly, this faster service will help us ensure the product’s stability.

The opening of ACROBiosystems’ European warehouse is a significant step towards the establishment of other European branches. ACROBiosystems is committed to offering customers 'Better Design, Better Quality, Better Support, and Better Customer Service.' With the successful establishment of ACROBiosystems' European warehouse, the company can now provide higher quality service to its customers and improve customer satisfaction.


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