BIA launches #BIGIMPACT campaign to encourage talent with digital skills to start a career in biotech

The BioIndustry Association (BIA) is launching #BIGIMPACT, a new campaign encouraging people with digital and data-driven skills to consider a career in the biotech industry. The campaign shines a spotlight on new career pathways that are possible in biotech, for example, an AI engineer, bioinformatician or data analyst.

Led by the hashtag #BIGIMPACT, the campaign addresses an urgent need for data, machine learning and AI skills and aims to attract next-generation digital talent to the industry. The campaign website features some of the most exciting job opportunities in the sector enabling the bio curious to discover new key roles in some of the most innovative life sciences and biotech companies led by entrepreneurs who are not yet household names.

Steve Bates OBE, CEO, BIA said: “Use this resource to discover some of the best and hidden roles out there, with stock options and a big impact, in companies you’ve never heard of. You will be amazed at the difference you can make with your hard-earned skills. We’ve seen the impact digital skills made during the pandemic."

A need for specialists

In order to strengthen its position now and in the future, the UK’s biotech industry needs to harness data, machine learning and AI successfully. To do so, it is going to require graduates and seasoned professionals with advanced digital and data-driven skill sets, ready to join the rapidly growing biotech industry. These new recruits will help businesses remain at the forefront of this exciting industry by playing a key role in business operations and decisions. The BIA is using its position as a trade association to close the industry’s skills gap with a campaign aimed at graduates and professionals seeking a career change.


As an existing BIA Member, we would appreciate your support for the #BIGIMPACT campaign by using the elements of the media pack to display on your social media and website.

Dr Kate Barclay, Skills Strategy Consultant, BIA said: “Some of the most interesting and challenging data work come when wet labs work alongside computer labs on complex disease problems, and many people in biotech are driven by a personal desire to make a change to a disease that has afflicted a friend or family member.”

Opportunities for big impact

A new website and a dedicated social media account – with an inspiring look and feel – are the cornerstones of the campaign. The purpose of these channels is twofold: to build awareness and to inform. They shine the spotlight on some of the possible pathways in biotech, for example as an AI engineer, bioinformatician or data analyst. They also highlight some of the reasons for considering a career in biotech with the power to make a big impact being an important focal point.

Building the future

The #BIGIMPACT campaign fulfils two of the BIA’s driving principles: to represent the interests of the UK’s biotech businesses and enable industry connections. By connecting recruiters with the software engineers, data architects and other specialists of tomorrow, the BIA is enabling companies to thrive and grow. The #BIGIMPACT campaign is a drive to unify and consolidate the industry, thus ensuring the UK remains a global leader in biotech and life sciences for the long term.

The #BIGIMPACT campaign launches in May 2023. For more information, visit the #BIGIMPACT campaign website:

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