BIA responds to publication of draft UK-EU free trade agreement

Commenting on the publication of draft UK-EU free trade agreement text released today Steve Bates OBE, Chief Executive of the BIA said:


“It’s heartening to see that the Government has listened to industry and is seeking vital technical measures in Annex 5D of the draft UK-EU free trade agreement to enable the pharmaceutical and biotech industries to have reduced friction in trade compared to the UK exiting the EU with no deal whatsoever. Getting agreement on issues like mutual recognition, batch testing, information sharing and co-operation in clinical trials would benefit patients in both the EU and UK. This is particularly important as continued scientific, industrial, regulatory and political co-operation will be needed as we all work together, to develop vaccines and therapeutics to tackle COVID -19, and maintain medicine supply at this challenging time.”



Notes to Editors

  1. For more information please contact Shannon Quinney, Communications Executive on or 07864 902930.
  2. Annex 5 D is pages 55-68 of the DRAFT UK-EU CFTA Annexes
  3. DRAFT UK-EU Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (CFTA)


About the BIA 

Established over 25 years ago at the infancy of biotechnology, the BioIndustry Association (BIA) is the trade association for innovative life sciences in the UK. Our goal is to secure the UK's position as a global hub and as the best location for innovative research and commercialisation, enabling our world-leading research base to deliver healthcare solutions that can truly make a difference to people's lives.