BIA responds to the release of Government technical notices on no deal Brexit

The UK Government has today released a series of 25 technical notices that offer guidance for business on what will happen in a ‘no deal’ Brexit. The notices were launched following a speech by Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab.

Commenting on the release of the first tranche of 25 technical notices with regard to ‘no deal’ Brexit, BIA CEO, Steve Bates, said: 

“A Brexit deal involving continued close cooperation on medicine regulation is in the best interests of patients. Today’s technical notices gives greater clarity on how UK medicines regulation will work in the scenario of ‘no deal’, something we do not want to see. It’s helpful that the technical guidance on medicines regulation is pragmatic, essentially proposing unilateral recognition of existing process, is in line with industry expectation, and echoes the position of Ministers expressed last year. We look forward to further discussion of the detail to build greater clarity around how the complex regulation and supply of medicines would work in the event of ‘no deal’. We will now engage our membership on the MHRA technical consultation promised for early autumn. 

“As we have repeatedly articulated since 2016, it is now clear that a ‘no deal’ Brexit would mean a significant increase in replicative bureaucratic red tape for developers of innovative medicines. Introducing additional regulatory process for a market worth less than 3% of the world’s value adds additional time and expense for companies who have a choice as to where they launch new therapies. It would not add to the UK’s attractiveness for life science businesses. It would likely mean that NHS patients would get access to new therapies later than other countries in Europe.”

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