BioIndustry Association publishes new explainer documents on engineering biology and cell and gene therapy

The UK Bioindustry Association (BIA) today publishes two new explainer documents on engineering biology and cell and gene therapy.

Engineering Biology Explained and Cell and Gene Therapy Explained both explain what these areas are all about, showcase the important contributions made to these industries by UK bioscience companies and outline the external environment required to ensure that these areas of innovation continue to benefit patients, the economy and society as a whole.

BIA CEO, Steve Bates, said: “UK bioscience companies are at the forefront of these innovative disciplines and it is a great pleasure to publish these reports both to build wider understanding of these areas and to showcase the pioneering work being undertaken by BIA member companies. As the respective international communities for engineering biology and cell and gene therapy meet this week at Synbiobeta 2018 and the Cell and Gene Meeting on the Mesa, I hope these reports make a valuable contribution to both UK and global discussions.”

Dr Tim Fell, CEO of Synthace and Chair of the BIA Engineering Biology Advisory Committee, said: “As Engineering Biology Explained makes clear, engineering biology sits at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution which will transform medicine, agriculture, energy, manufacturing and almost every other industrial sector. The case studies in this report touch upon just some of the innovation coming out of UK engineering biology, from innovative new vaccines, to the manufacture of renewable chemicals to novel ways of producing DNA and more.”

Dr Sven Kili, Chair of the BIA Cell and Gene Therapy Advisory Committee, said: “Cell and gene therapies are a transformative new category of medicines and the UK is already recognised as a world-leader in their discovery, development and manufacture. Cell and Gene therapy explained gives a great flavour of the innovation at work in this field in the UK as well as setting out the key challenges industry, government and health bodies need to work on together to ensure patients can benefit from these new innovations.”  

Notes to editors

Engineering Biology Explained

Cell and Gene Therapy Explained

These two reports are part of a series of four explainer documents covering the issues of antimicrobial resistance, cell and gene therapy, engineering biology and genomics. The explainers on antimicrobial resistance and genomics will be published later in October 2018. The BIA will also be launching new video content on these four areas in October 2018.

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