CEO Update - 20 February 2024

BIA Committee Summit with over 200 members

I'm looking forward to the BIA Committee Summit this week. It will be great to see 200 members in Westminster at one of the most lively and insightful events we do each year. I know it's the volunteer expert army that gives the BIA its unique impact with government and it's always great to understand the committee's priorities and the ideas that arise from the intersection between committees at the event.

Congratulations to AstraZeneca on 25th anniversary

It was great to see the anniversary celebrations at the London Stock Exchange but it did make me think. I remember just how close AstraZeneca were to not making it to their 13th birthday a decade ago when Pfizer sought to acquire them. And it's also noticeable how few new IPOs from our life science sector have wrung the metaphorical bell at the London Stock Exchange in the last few years. Let's hope that as AstraZeneca approach their 50th birthday, they'll be able to be joined by many other life science companies that will have been listed on the London Stock Exchange in the next generation.

Diagnostic innovation piloted through MHRA

The final eight technologies for the new MHRA IDAP pilot scheme have been announced. The idea is to accelerate the development and transformative medical devices from proof of concept through to uptake in the NHS and is part of the £10 million government spending to pilot a wider program of work to accelerate access to medical technology. Take a look to see some of the novel testing apps and devices adopted by the scheme.

Call for Horizon innovators

It's good to see the UK government encouraging businesses and academics to work together with European colleagues to access Horizon Europe funding. We've continued to make sure BIA members are aware of these opportunities and I'm keen to understand what consortia members have joined or are considering forming, please let me know if you're availing yourself of this opportunity.

EPO significant departure from previous case law

Good news for patent applicants as the European Patent Office (EPO) in a new ruling has smoothed the way to obtaining patents in Europe (and the UK) with a new assumption that a “priority right” is valid. If you want to understand more, please read this excellent blog from Tom Leonard, Partner at Kilburn & Strode and member of BIA's Intellectual Property Advisory Committee (IPAC).

Nicola Baker Munton   

It's with great sadness that we heard of Nicola Baker Munton's passing last week. Nicola founded Stratagem IPM in 1999 to provide in-house-style IP advice to early-stage biotech companies, primarily around the Cambridge cluster. She was a member of BIA's IPAC for many years and a regular at our events, including providing valuable IP workshops for our members. I know she will be very much missed in our community. The Stratagem website has information about a memorial service and a book of memories.   

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Steve Bates OBE
CEO, BioIndustry Association

More news and updates 

Macomics unveils its lead first-in-class anti-pan-LILRB monoclonal antibody programme with positive pre-clinical data

Macomics’ lead programme, MACO-355, in IND enabling studies is a ligand-blocking independent pan-LILR monoclonal antibody for the treatment of cancer.

Coulter Partners top hires for VC & PE portfolio companies Q1-2024

Recent top global hires for Venture Capital and Private Equity portfolio companies, covering a broad range of disciplines and sectors across Life Sciences, Health and Tech.

Abzena announces major investment in bioconjugation and ADC capabilities in response to increasing industry demand

Abzena announced a significant expansion of their Bristol, PA bioconjugate development and cGMP manufacturing site. The $5 million investment in expanded laboratory space, new equipment, and facility upgrades, builds upon the site’s existing bioconjugation capabilities and increases capacity to support the delivery of fully integrated biopharmaceutical drug programs.

CEO Update - 8 April 2024

I don’t always start Newscast with a technical detail – but this one matters and underpins the work of many, many companies in our Association. In short, keep doing your experiments and manufacturing medicines as normal as we work hard to keep your reagents and materials supply chain operating smoothly.

How to build a high-performance life science team

In this blog, Olivia Fletcher-Hogg, Programme Manager at Pioneer Group, provides actionable insights for building high-performance teams in the life sciences and biotech sector, from fostering a positive work culture to empowering employee development.

New £6.2 million partnership will help to eliminate a deadly disease affecting children and vulnerable people in Kenya

A new £6.2 million healthcare project has begun in Kenya to advance elimination of visceral leishmaniasis, a deadly parasitic disease found in Africa, the Americas, the Middle East and South-East Asia, which affects up to 90,000 children and vulnerable people globally.

AI in life sciences: regulating AI technologies and the product liability implications

Recent regulatory developments in the EU and UK suggest a proactive stance on governing AI technologies, with the EU introducing comprehensive regulations and the UK proposing reforms to align with emerging digital technologies.

New study explores how Switzerland can maintain its leading position in life science innovation

The RSA Group, a leading life sciences executive search firm, has published the latest of its Talent Equity Reports: “Sustaining a winning position”, an analysis of how Switzerland can continue to lead the life sciences sector in a shifting global market.

Data from Brainomix’s collaboration with AstraZeneca shows e-Lung better identifies lung fibrosis patients at risk of decline

Brainomix and AstraZeneca partnered to analyze the Phase 2 tralokinumab clinical trial data of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) patients, leveraging Brainomix’s AI-powered e-Lung software and biomarkers to uncover novel insights. Published data shows e-Lung could play a role in stratifying patients in clinical trials most at risk of decline, outperforming current standard measures.

Eight things we learned about commercialising medical research at Imperial's 'All You Can Innovate' 2024

Why to channel Scottish polymath Mary Somerville, how timing can make or break a startup, and other lessons from experts at All You Can Innovate 2024.

PrecisionLife and NATA announce R&D partnership to jointly develop new motor neurone disease

Leading precision medicine and nucleic acid therapy (NAT) innovators will harness their platforms to develop NAT drug candidates for novel gene targets with strong genetic association to sporadic ALS. The programme will be supported by mechanism-based patient stratification biomarkers to identify likely responders and accelerate and derisk clinical development.

Laverock Therapeutics announces appointment of Ali Elsley as Finance Director and expansion of team

Laverock Therapeutics, a gene-silencing company with a uniquely powerful technology for the development of programmable advanced therapies to tackle major diseases, today announces the appointment of Ali Elsley as Finance Director.

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