CEO Update | 6 June 2022

While machinations continue at Westminster this week, I am looking ahead to the first in-person BIO conference for a couple of years. This year’s event is in San Diego (13-16 June) and a sizeable UK representation of nearly 300 people is set to attend this significant global gathering for our industry. We have partnered with the UK government to provide three significant networking activities with a UK focus this year.

The key BIA supported networking activities at BIO are:

  1. The [email protected] Welcome Gathering
    📅 Sunday, 12 June 🕛 4-6pm (PDT)
     📍 Kansas City BBQ Restaurant (600 W Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92101)

    This will be an informal mixer for US-based BioBrits (expats and friends) and UK attendees, a relaxed opening to the week and a good way to get into the time zone and meet UK friends and colleagues.

  2. The [email protected] team are also running an Open House
    Monday, 13 June 🕛 7:30am-12pm (PDT)
     📍 Interior open-air courtyard of the Horton Grand Hotel (311 Island Ave, San Diego, CA 92101)

    The Department for International Trade (DIT) team will host a breakfast and a workshop with Cedars-Sinai and UK biotechs (7:30-9:30am) The second half of the morning (9:30am-12pm) is an ‘Open House’ style networking event with content focused on showcasing UK SMEs and mixing the UK and global / US state delegations.
  3. The main focus for the BIA is the [email protected] Reception
    Tuesday, 14 June 🕛 6-8pm (PDT)
     📍 Hilton Bayfront Hotel, Indigo Terrace (1 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101)

    This networking event is on a second-floor patio with fantastic views overlooking the bay. A great networking event will focus on the UK and US/global biotech collaboration and why the UK is the best place to speedily develop your biotech company. All BIA members attending the BIO conference are invited to join.

As ever, the main focus of those attending will be on One to One Partnering meetings in booths which are taking place from 1pm (PDT) on Monday, all day Tuesday and Wednesday 7am-6pm and Thursday 7am-4:30pm (with closing happy hour at 1:45-2:45pm).

I will focus on the messaging from the UK perspective in the next week’s Newscast while this week is more of a practical guide to what is on offer for those who are going in person or want to follow the UK news virtually.

Other UK highlights at BIO

In addition, I am aware of the following UK folk and companies speaking during the BIO conference. Please let me know if your slot hasn’t been highlighted and if you want some profile from us on social media next week. 

Monday, 13 June

2:15-3:15pm - Jeanette Evans VP Business Development, Adaptimmune will speak on a panel "Out-License, Co-Promote, or Solo-First launch? Insights From an Expert Panel and a Decade of U.S. and EU First-Launch and Partnering Data" 📍 Upper Level, Session Room 6F

4:15-4:30pm - Neil Weir CEO of Sitryx Therapeutics will speak about their focus on the science of immunometabolism 📍 Company Presentation Theater 4 

Tuesday, 14 June

11am-12pm - a panel “Opportunity for All: Innovations Realizing on the Promise of Genomic Medicine” featuring Clive Glover, General manager, Gene Therapy, Pall Corporation 📍 Upper Level, Session Room 5A

12:15-1:30pm - a panel "None of Us are Safe Unless All of Us are Safe: Business Lessons Learned Delivering a Global COVID-19 Vaccine" with Emma Wheatley, Head of Business Development, Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations 📍 Upper Level, Session Room 6B

In addition, there will be a UK Global Innovation Hub presentation led by DIT and involving some of the UK companies at 4pm at the convention centre. The room hasn't been allocated yet.

Wednesday, 15 June

For those interested in partnering in Brazil, join the Brazilian Startup Breakfast at the San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina. If you have any questions, please get in touch with the DIT Brazil team by emailing [email protected] 

10:45-11am - Allison Jeynes-Ellis, CEO, Avillion LLP will present in 📍 Company Presentation Theater 1

11am-12pm - our colleagues at EuropaBio have organized a panel on “The big bang in pharma legislation: The European epicenter shaping global healthcare and a competitive industry” 📍 Upper Level, Session Room 7B

12:30-12:45pm - Ingenza Ltd’s company presentation by Leonardo Magneschi, PhD, Head of Molecular Biology 📍 Company Presentation Theater 1

1:45-2:45pm - a panel discussion on "CNS Drug Development: Do Biomarkers Hold the Future for Patients?" with Dhivya Venkat, CEO, Esya Labs 📍 Upper Level, Session Room 5B 

1:45-2:45pm - Jordan Clark, CCO, Diaceutics will speak on the panel "Challenges in Implementing Personalized Medicine in Clinical Practice" 📍 Upper Level, Session Room 3

3-3:15pm - Bobby Gaspar, CEO, Orchard Therapeutics is giving a presentation 📍 Company Presentation Theater 3

4-5:15pm - a panel "The New Journey of a Data Point: Digital Innovation for a Powerful Purpose" featuring Michael Krams, Chief Quantitative Medicine Officer, Exscientia 📍 Upper Level, Session Room 6

4:15-5:15pm - Stephen Gardner, CEO, PrecisionLife and Paula Moran, PhD Professor, University of Nottingham are speaking on a panel "Tackling Post-Covid Cognitive Impairment" 📍 Upper Level, Session Room 5B

5-5:15pm - Olivia Cavlan, MD, BIA Board Member and Chief Corporate Development & Strategy Officer, Alchemab Therapeutics is giving a presentation 📍 Company Presentation Theater 1


Please support your fellow Brits by attending their panels and presentations if possible.

Exhibition Floor

There is no UK Pavillion on the exhibition floor this year, but I am aware of the following booths taken by UK organizations - Booth 2424 for the BBC, 2024 Barrington James, 2248 Bird & Bird.

Official UK representation

Unfortunately, no UK Minister or senior official is attending as official government representation and with around 300 UK delegates registered I am expecting the event to be smaller in size than in pre-pandemic years.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the conference next week and will share the messaging I’ll be delivering about the strength of the UK sector in the next week’s Newscast.


*All times are in the PDT time zone.