Ground-breaking medical blood treatment passes £1.75 million in funding

MediSieve Ltd, the team behind an innovative blood filtration device, are happy to announce the company has received over £1.75 million in funding. The cash influx has come from a mix of both old and new investors – reflecting the growing confidence in the potential of the device. The medical device company is best known for their magnetic blood filtration technology, a revolutionary new approach to targeting blood-borne diseases by magnetically filtering specific disease-causing components from the bloodstream. The device is being tested for the treatment of Malaria, Sepsis and Leukaemia.
As part of the latest funding round the private capital network 24Haymarket invested £632k with Marek Gumienny (Director of 24Haymarket) joining the board of MediSieve as a Non-Executive Director. This investment will contribute greatly to the further research and development of the company, providing a strong potential partner and source of capital to the company for the future.

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