In ovo model for immuno-oncology screening

Inovotion seek academic or industry partners able to provide diverse immuno-oncology (IO) compounds, with preclinical data available, to validate their in ovo model.

What could the Solution be used for?

Inovotion has developed a new assay for IO drug screening that is sensitive and reliable, using embryonated chicken eggs with a complete immune system, to test the efficacy and toxicity of anticancer drug candidates. This technique has potential for reducing the use of humanised mice in preclinical testing of anticancer compounds, whilst significantly reducing the time and costs associated with these studies.

Need for collaboration

Inovotion seek partners able to provide diverse novel IO reagents or compounds (i.e. small molecules, antibodies, modified T-cells) to test in the in ovo model. These compounds can be marketed or in development and should have preclinical/clinical data available to enable the results obtained to be validated against existing mouse/ human data.

Inovotion offer early and privileged access to the technology, as well as the opportunity for a medium to long-term collaboration to set up dedicated models.

3Rs impact assessment

The generation of humanised mice for immuno-therapy models takes three months and is of moderate severity. IO drug screening studies typically require 30 to 60 humanised mice per compound for efficacy testing. Toxicity testing does not need humanised mice but requires an additional 30 to 60 mice for these studies. Therefore 60 to120 mice are used to assess the efficacy and toxicity of each IO compound, and these could be replaced using Inovotion’s in ovo model. By pre-screening the IO treatments using the in ovo model, it allows researchers to test only promising high-value compounds in humanised mice where necessary.

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