London Life Sciences Week: connecting the global biotech community

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London Life Sciences Week united the global biotech community for a dynamic week of networking and dealmaking. The BIA representatives were out and about throughout the week, networking with members and stakeholders. In this blog, Steve Bates OBE, CEO of BioIndustry Association, summarises insights based on the BIA team's first-hand experience.

London Life Sciences Week is an annual event that brings together the global biotech community for a week of networking and dealmaking. The event is centered on the Jefferies Healthcare Conference, but also includes a growing number of satellite events, this year incorporating the BIA/BioCentury CEO Investor event, the Citeline Elevate Summit and Scrip awards, and the LSX Investival Showcase and Lifestars Awards.

This year's London Life Sciences Week took place 14-16 November 2023, creating an amazing buzz and, attracting a record number of global visitors. The BIA were out and about throughout the week, networking with members and stakeholders.

A highlight was the HSBC Innovation Banking party, announcing themselves as a key sector player, particularly given the BIA’s role in securing the Silicon Valley Bank rescue package.

The Jefferies Healthcare Conference is the centrepiece of London Life Sciences Week. The conference is known for its company presentations, investor introductions and panel discussions covering a wide range of topics, from the latest trends in drug discovery and development to the challenges and opportunities facing the biotech industry.

This year's Jefferies Healthcare Conference featured presentations from leading companies such as AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline and Roche. The conference also featured several breakout sessions on topics such as precision medicine, personalised healthcare, and data analytics.

BioCentury/BIA event
BioCentury/BIA panel: Why UK biotech is ready to breakout​
Citeline Elevate fireside chat.PNG
Citeline Elevate fireside chat

Satellite events

In addition to the Jefferies Healthcare Conference, London Life Sciences Week also included a number of vibrant satellite events. These events provided additional opportunities for networking, learning, and dealmaking. And connectivity was immense.

Some of the highlights of this year's satellite events included:

  • The BIA/BioCentury CEO Investor event, which brought together investors and biotech leaders.
  • The Citeline Elevate Summit focused on successful commercial strategies.
  • The 2023 Scrip Awards, which recognised the outstanding accomplishments of those improving human healthcare worldwide including many BIA member companies, culminated in a Lifetime Achievement Award for Jeremy Levin who delivered an impactful reflection of the responsibilities of sector leadership.
  • Cooley Reception at Somerset House Spring Restaurant brought together a broad range of attendees including BIA members. 
  • The LSX Investival Showcase featured presentations from a number of promising life sciences companies.
  • The London IC Startup Series: Funding & Finance with Innovate UK KTN & Octopus Ventures, where Innovate UK’s funding and support programs were explained, and Octopus Ventures focused on how to connect with VCs.
  • The Pharma Integrates 2023 event brought together pharma and healthcare leaders across the Pharmaceutical pipeline.
  • SV Health Investors showcasing UK innovation at the Francis Crick Institute.
  • Abingworth giving companies and investors the opportunity to catch up over some very nice bottles of wine.
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Laura Lane, Vice President, Lilly Ventures (Head of Europe), Eli Lilly and Company receiving an award at Scrip Awards
HSBC Innovation Banking reception at Sky Garden


SV health Investors Forum


Beyond Jefferies and its satellite events, a lot was going on that further showcased London as a global science hub. The new Lord Mayor of London, Michael Mainelli, also launched his Connect to Prosper campaign, which seeks to showcase London as a capital of science and culture, as well as finance. The British Science Association #ForThought event focused on science, innovation and national priorities. A thought-provoking first panel on the future of education and how the education system and assessment need to change to take advantage of AI and to ensure equitable access to digital skills. A second panel of the event delved deep into the future of health, unveiling insights from key figures: tackling ‘non-infectious’ conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease is key to addressing health inequalities in the UK.

London Life Sciences Week is a testament to the strength and growing prominence of the UK's biotech industry with innovation and collaboration at its core. BIA sees London Life Sciences Week as an increasingly important event connecting the global biotech community. We look forward to an even bigger and better event in 2024!

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