Professor Kristian Helin has been appointed to become Chief Executive of The Institute of Cancer Research

Professor Helin is a world-leading cancer researcher with exceptional leadership experience in academia and industry. He has headed a scientific institute in his homeland of Denmark, led research centres in Italy and the US, and co-founded a successful biotech company. He will join the ICR on 1st September from Memorial Sloan Kettering in the US, where he is Chair of the Cell Biology Program and Director of the Center for Epigenetics Research.

He will take over as Chief Executive from Professor Paul Workman, who has been an inspirational and highly successful leader of the ICR during his seven years in the role.

Professor Helin shares the ICR’s passion for advancing the scientific understanding of cancer biology, and using that knowledge to drive the discovery and development of innovative cancer treatments that benefit patients. We believe he will be an outstanding Chief Executive of the ICR, who will bring a global perspective on cancer research spanning both academia and industry, and across basic, translational and clinical research.