PULSE candidate|BoobyBiome

We are a group of scientists passionate about confronting health challenges. Inspired by cutting edge research and working alongside other scientific experts, we founded our company BoobyBiome.


BoobyBiome are developing a probiotic supplement containing a diverse array of beneficial bacteria derived from the breast milk microbiome. This probiotic will be administered to infants with compromised microbiomes, particularly premature infants, to help support gut health and build a healthy immune system.


We began working on BoobyBiome in 2018, with the help of the BiotechYES team and their expert training and mentoring sessions. Following this experience, we opened discussions with leading breast milk microbiome researchers and participated in various accelerator programmes such as Imagine IF and Panacea stars. By January 2019, our company was in good stead to seek a pre-seed fund to develop a proof-of-concept product. To help us achieve this, we attended the Programme for Up and coming Life Sciences Entrepreneurs (PULSE) workshop at the Francis Crick Institute, organised by the BIA.



Co-founders Sioned Jones (right) and Lydia Mapstone with PULSE cohort.


PULSE was an invaluable programme encompassing presentations, mentoring sessions and open-table discussions. We heard from prominent CEOs who taught us how to become industry leaders, and renowned entrepreneurs who understand and have experienced the same transition from academic science to business. Tax and IP experts taught us how to commercialise our scientific concept and develop a business strategy to protect our valuable assets. Fundamentally, we learnt first-hand how to pitch to esteemed biotech investors and received invaluable critical feedback.


The PULSE experience opened us up to the world of biotech. It broadened our network, within this booming and competitive eco-system. We networked with aspiring innovators and potential collaborators, who later introduced us to our current investors and board directors. Having now secured our pre-seed fund, and a contract to conduct our R&D at the Institute of Child Health, GOSH, we are very grateful to PULSE and the BIA for this transformative opportunity. We are more excited than ever for the future of BoobyBiome.


Find out more about BoobyBiome: http://www.boobybiome.com/


Sioned Fôn Jones, Co-founder and Director of BoobyBiome.