Purolite Selects Repligen’s Market-Leading OPUS® Pre-Packed Columns

Purolite Life Sciences, a leading provider of agarose chromatography resins, has announced its collaboration with Repligen Corporation (NASDAQ:RGEN), a life sciences company focused on bioprocessing technology leadership and the maker of the market-leading OPUS® line of pre-packed chromatography columns. The Company has selected Repligen’s OPUS® technology to provide Purolite customers with a premier end-to-end solution for the downstream purification of biologic drugs, specifically monoclonal antibody-based biologics. Under the terms of the agreement, Purolite will promote the full range of Repligen’s GMP-ready OPUS® pre-packed columns to customers seeking a flexible disposable alternative to self-packed glass columns. The agreement pairs Purolite’s high-flow Praesto® Protein A affinity and ion exchange agarose resins with the OPUS® portfolio of chromatography columns for bench-through production-scale purification needs.

Chris Major, Sales Director at Purolite, said “This collaboration supports our strategy to provide greater choice and flexibility to customers running downstream processes. We selected OPUS® columns for their market leadership along with technology and scale advantages, and the level of customization that Repligen delivers. OPUS® columns are ready-to-use, pre-packed alternatives to self-packing in-house, and have the broadest range of diameters available on the market, as well as flexible bed heights. This attention to customer needs aligns nicely with our Praesto® portfolio of agarose-based, high-flow chromatography resins that have demonstrated superior performance to current available alternatives in terms of capacity, lifetime and overall cost of goods.” He continued by saying “Our customers will benefit from this collaboration between two trusted suppliers who, with over 70 years of combined expertise and innovation, are enabling downstream solutions to be delivered quicker, faster and more efficiently than ever before.”

Steve Tingley, Repligen’s Vice President of Sales, added “Over the last 5 years, pre-packed column technology has become mainstream for many biological drug manufacturers seeking to improve facility flexibility, speed-to-market and overall process economics. Many of these companies have adopted Repligen’s OPUS® technology as a standard platform solution for their pre-packed chromatography column needs. This type of collaboration with chromatography resin suppliers greatly simplifies pre-packed column sourcing for customers. Specifically, this agreement with Purolite will ensure short delivery lead times for customers who opt for Purolite’s Praesto® agarose-based resins with pre-packed OPUS® column convenience.”


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