RxCelerate Acquires Cutting-Edge Molecular Modelling Company Prosarix

RxCelerate, one of the leading outsourced drug discovery and development platforms in the United Kingdom, announced today that it has acquired U.K.-based molecular modelling company Prosarix. Originally founded in 2006, Prosarix has built a reputation as one of the leading exponents of molecular modelling, supporting both protein engineering and in silico drug design projects.

“The acquisition of Prosarix beautifully complements our existing drug discovery services, including our medicinal chemistry operations based at The University of Warwick,” said Dr. Nigel Ramsden, executive vice president, chemistry, at RxCelerate.
“Prosarix is already well-known to many of our clients,” said Dr. Jill Reckless, CEO of RxCelerate, “where they have demonstrated over and over again how their proprietary molecular modelling capabilities can discover better molecules than the competition. We are delighted to now have this unique expertise as part of RxCelerate Group.”

“We are very excited to have this opportunity to join a rapidly expanding, global, quality biotech business with a unique platform delivering cutting-edge drug discovery and development on an outsourced basis,” said Dr. Bill Hamilton, chief executive at Prosarix prior to the acquisition, which is currently based just outside Cambridge, U.K.

RxCelerate operates a new business model, allowing clients to outsource complete drug discovery and development programs to a team of world-class drug developers, obviating the need for internal expertise usually required when outsourcing to contract research organisations. Founded in 2012, the company initially built its reputation on the quality of its preclinical models of human diseases, but rapidly expanded to offer a comprehensive, turnkey drug discovery and development solution.

“Following the acquisition of bioanalytical CRO Total Scientific and sector-focused back-office service provider The Cambridge Partnership during 2018, this new acquisition underlines our commitment to complete the jigsaw, so that our clients can access world-leading drug discovery capability under one roof,” said founder and Chairman Dr. David Grainger. “Jon Heal and the scientific team at Prosarix are talented modellers with a proven track-record in molecular design.”

About RxCelerate
RxCelerate is an outsourced drug discovery and development company, founded in Cambridge, U.K., in 2012, with a focus on working smarter. It has grown rapidly to become one of the leading providers of drug development services in the United Kingdom. RxCelerate operates a unique model, providing capabilities to discover and develop drugs for clients, designing as well as executing every aspect of the research and development plan.

RxCelerate offers a wide range of services. The biology team specializes in in vivo pharmacology, offering proprietary models of a wide range of human diseases, as well as complex cell-based assays. The chemistry team provides medicinal chemistry, including in silico screening, and synthesis that integrates seamlessly with the in vitro testing capability. A dedicated team designs the optimum discovery or development strategy for each project, as well as integrated program management. By working closely together, these teams can deliver pharma-grade drug product candidates at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches.
For more information, please visit us at rxcelerate.com and connect with us on Twitter (@RxCelerate). Contact our U.K. headquarters: jill@rxcelerate.com, Tel: +44 (0)1223 804240. Contact our U.S. headquarters: laura@rxcelerate.com, Tel: +1 (857) 409-6028.

About Prosarix UK Ltd.
Prosarix has been developing and utilising its ProtoDiscovery platform for small molecule design and protein engineering since inception in 2006. Using this technology, Prosarix has worked with over 40 companies/organisations, often on multiple projects involving a diverse set of targets and objectives. More recently, Prosarix became a subsidiary of Evolva AG in 2014 before spinning out as an independent company again in 2018.

For more information and contact details, please visit www.prosarix.com or contact Bill Hamilton (bill@rxcelerate.com), Tel: +44 (0)1223 870400.
Source: RxCelerate

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