Seven new data hubs improve clinical outcomes for UK patients

The hubs, led by Health Data Research UK (HDRUK) are to be set up from October this year, and the goal is to speed up the research for new medicines, treatments, and technologies that support quicker diagnoses and save lives.  We will see researchers and clinicians working together to explore the safe and ethical use of health data. The seven hubs will each look at a specific disease area.


The seven hubs are:

  • A cancer hub
  • An eye health hub
  • An inflammatory bowel disease hub
  • An acute care hub
  • A clinical trials hub
  • A respiratory hub
  • A hub that aims to use real world data

Find out more about the hubs here.

BIA member company IQVIA – a global health technology and human data science company will participate in one of the seven new Health Data Research (HDR) Hubs announced. 

IQVIA is a key partner of DATA-CAN - a new National Cancer Health Data Research Hub, designed to transform the accessibility of high-quality cancer data across the UK. This collaboration is built on rigorous patient privacy and data protection governance, with the goal of improving clinical outcomes for the 500,000 people in the UK diagnosed with cancer every year.  To read more about IQVIA’s role in this new hub, please follow this link.


By Shannon Quinney, BIA