WHP completes the manufacture of their largest modular build project

Multi-disciplinary engineering company WHP were awarded the contract to design and build a fully modularised containment facility. The project comprised the design and manufacture of 122 cGMP modules, making it one of the largest modular cGMP facilities in Europe.

WHP completed the fully modelled design which included structural, M&E, architectural and also the external envelope which included staircases and security features. A bespoke effluent discharge system was also designed by the skilled in-house Engineering Team for this project.

The modules were manufactured in WHP’s dedicated modular build facility in Tyne and Wear, they were then packaged and shipped to site in Europe where they are currently being installed, with commissioning and validation to follow through 2021.

Despite the impact of COVID-19, the WHP team pulled together to expedite the delivery of 122 modules before the end of the year. This resulted in a 300% increase in WHP’s export sales from prior year, equating to 50% of the company’s 2020 annual turnover.

Conal Bovaird, Head of Modular Build Projects, WHP: “This has been a fantastic achievement in what has been extremely challenging times for all of us. Full credit goes to the entire team for their relentless efforts to ensure the manufacturing phase has been completed safely and successfully while meeting the client’s expectations. In addition, the team have achieved 536 days without a lost time injury. I look forward to successfully completing the site installation and commissioning works in 2021.“

Ian Lichfield, CEO, WHP: “The successful manufacture of the first fully modularised containment facility. by WHP showcases both our design and large scale modular manufacturing capability. The WHP teams achievement in 2020 and their exemplary safety record demonstrates WHP has both the capability and capacity to deliver high quality modular cGMP facilities to our global customers.”

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