World Arthritis Day

Monday, October 12th is World Arthritis Day and our charity partner, Versus Arthritis, are encouraging everyone to share a message of strength on social media. Versus Arthritis want each person with arthritis to know that their community is with them whenever they need it. Because society dismisses arthritis as ‘just aches and pains’ or ‘just a bit of wear and tear’, people often don’t recognise the strength it takes to live with arthritis.

Versus Arthritis supporter Sam is a part of that community. Having lived with ankylosing spondylitis for 17 years, she knows the strength it takes to live with arthritis.

This World Arthritis Day, she wants to share this message with anyone in need of a little strength:

“I have five autoimmune diseases, and I consider them to be my accessories. They’re not the main event, I am! My diseases do not define me. Yes, there are times when arthritis can make you feel like sitting in your front room and never leaving the house. Your life isn’t over, and you can still achieve things – despite, alongside and because of arthritis.”

Arthritis is a daily challenge and, with life feeling so uncertain at the moment, all of us need strength to live well.

On October 12th, please share your own message of strength. Share a post on social media and tag #SendStrength and #WorldArthritisDay. Your message could be shared in future communications, on our website or on our social media channels, letting people with arthritis know someone is with them whenever they need it. Alternatively, you can email your message to us to share. Millions of people know what it’s like to live with the daily grind of arthritis. Imagine the difference your message of strength could make to someone.

To show your support, we’d like to encourage you to

  • Wear Versus Arthritis’ brand colours and make a donation to the Just Giving Page below;
  • Commit to taking part in their 10,000 steps challenge;
  • Pledge to donate the pennies from your pay to Versus Arthritis on World Arthritis Day;
  • Celebrate a colleague or client’s birthday/work anniversary/promotion/retirement by sending them The Strong Bouquet.