Advice on employee inventor compensation in the UK following Shanks v Unilever

Prepared by Will James of Osborne Clarke with support from other members of the BIA IP Advisory Committee

Influencing and shaping our sector BIA update Q2 2020

The BioIndustry Association (BIA)’s ongoing engagement enables our members’ voices to be heard at the highest levels. This quarterly update gives an overview of key policy developments and the BIA’s continued engagement with policymakers, regulatory authorities and wider stakeholders on behalf of the UK life sciences sector, from April to July 2020.

BIA submission to the PAC inquiry on management of tax reliefs

The BIA has submitted evidence on the effectiveness of R&D tax credits to the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee inquiry on the management of tax reliefs.

BIA submission to the 2020 Labour Health Commission

The BIA has submitted views to the 2020 Labour Party National Policy Forum commission on health and social care.