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CEO Update|Monday 18 November 2019

It’s great to see that Vertex, the manufacturer of life-changing drugs for patients with cystic fibrosis, has struck a deal with the Welsh Government, giving patients access to Orkambi and Symkevi. This means that NHS patients across the whole of the UK can now benefit from these life-saving drugs.

World Diabetes day 14th November 2019

World Diabetes Day (WDD) is a chance to celebrate how far we’ve come in research and look ahead to see what more can be done to raise awareness of the effects of diabetes and the actions patients and families can take to reduce its impact.

CEO Update|Monday 11 November 2019

Great news for NHS patients this morning as two cannabis-based medicines - Epidyolex and Sativex, developed by BIA member GW Pharmaceuticals, have been approved for use by the NHS in England.

Is biotech bad news?

Is biotech bad news? That was the question asked of an expert panel of media and communications experts at the recent UK Bioscience Forum.

What does the General Election mean for BIA members?

“You’re joking!” as Brenda from Bristol might say. “Not ANOTHER one!” But here we are, only nine years since the Fixed Term Parliaments Act (FTPA) supposedly kept General Elections five years apart, heading to the polls for the third time in four years.

CEO Update|Monday 04 November 2019

The UK will have a General Election on December 12 and the “do or die” 31 October Brexit deadline has come and gone.

What next on Brexit in Biotech?

So the 31 October deadline came and went and a new three-month extension has been agreed between the UK and EU. That means that 31 January 2020 is now the latest cliff-hanger in the extended mini-series of no-deal Brexit deadlines.

Guest Blog | Let’s get set to fire up more Degree Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships have always been a firm feature of the Further Education (FE) landscape, offering a robust vocational route into many roles across the economy. The term apprenticeship actually comes from the Old French aprentiz meaning "someone learning" and it’s a route that has taken many people to the very top.

CEO Update | Monday 28 October 2019

This week: significant medicine access deals with the NHS; no Halloween Brexit; and our analysis of recent AIM finance activity.

Guest Blog|EB World Congress 2020

Epidermolysis bullosa (EB) is a group of genetic skin conditions which cause the skin to blister and tear at the slightest touch.