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Video of the Week - Investing in the Fight Against Alzheimer's

Following his recent announcement of a $50m investment in the London-based dementia discovery fund, Bill Gates explains why he feels that the fight against Alzheimers disease is so important.

Future Worlds medicine launch injects ‘energy and drive’ into university innovations

A growing entrepreneurial culture among medical innovators at the University of Southampton was praised by senior industry leaders at the official launch of the Future Worlds medicine initiative in London.

Autumn Budget 2017 analysis

The Chancellor today delivered his first Budget of the current government by saying that “the UK is on the brink of a technological revolution” and promising to “invest to secure a bright future”. Among the announcements is the outcome of the Patient Capital Review, which will deliver a £20bn package over the next 10 years to support investment in innovative UK companies.

Daniel Zeichner: Life sciences are vital for the whole UK economy

In a piece which was first published in House Magazine, Daniel Zeichner MP argues for the life science sector's concerns around Brexit to be comprehensively addressed in the negotiations.

CEO Update: Monday 20 November

This is a big week for the sector and we expect the new location of the EMA to be announced later on today. We will keep members updated on all the news in our next Brexit webinar tomorrow. Losing the EMA is a bitter pill to swallow for the UK but it’s vital that the agency can continue to function wherever it is moved to. The focus must be on ensuring that there is a smooth transition to allow for this to happen so that we do not see a detrimental impact on the supply of medicines to patients in the UK and EU.

Video of the Week - 'Genomics: making sense of genetic information helping to improve healthcare'.

Genomics is about making sense of genetic information and using that to learn about human biology to improve the way we develop drugs and healthcare. Genomics plc was founded three years ago by four academics from the University of Oxford and wanted to help transform healthcare and they've now grown to over 30 people.

Sir John Bell at the UK Bioscience Forum

One of the many highlights of this year’s UK Bioscience Forum, held on October 12th, was Sir John Bell’s keynote speech. To an audience of 300 delegates from the world of UK bioscience, he gave what felt like a State of the Union address for the sector, extolling our strengths and recognising where there are challenges. Having only recently written and launched his highly anticipated Life Sciences Industrial Strategy, Sir John had a wealth of relevant advice and insight to share with the bioscience community, so what were the key take-home messages from the speech?

Searching for dementia treatments: Collaborating to speed up progress

It’s more than 100 years since Alzheimer's disease – the most common cause of dementia – was first discovered. It was in 1906 that Dr Alois Alzheimer identified the distinctive changes in the brain that we now know as the hallmarks of the disease. But it wasn’t until the late 1980s and early 1990s that breakthrough molecular and genetic research helped pinpoint one of the key biological processes behind the disease, a finding that has fuelled much of the drug discovery effort in Alzheimer’s over the last two to three decades.

CEO Update: Monday 13 November

Last week, representatives from the BIA joined the UK delegation to Berlin for the annual BioEurope conference. The event provided a great opportunity to showcase innovative UK companies and promote the work that the BIA has been undertaking on Brexit and other key policy areas for the sector. UK Health Minister Lord O’Shaughnessy spoke to a packed crowd on the UK Government’s plan for future close alignment in terms of medicines regulation and research collaboration. It is reassuring to see the UK Government on an international platform talking about future collaboration with Europe. Following the minister’s speech, BIA Brexit Lead Laura Collister represented the BIA alongside members F-Star, Evotec, and MSD in a lively panel discussion on Brexit.

Video of the Week: Making the invisible visible - Cryo-electron microscopy

The 2017 Nobel Prize in chemistry was awarded to three scientists, (including Richard Henderson, co-founder of BIA member Heptares), for developing the technology of cyro-electron microscopy. In this video, Professor Peijun Zhang, a Wellcome Investigator, discusses her work on using cyro-electron microscopy to reveal the structure of a fundamental part of the HIV virus, and its use in drug design.